Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

What is Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal? Why Alexandrite laser hair removal? You can find all the information you need on this page. I want to have laser hair removal Is Alexandrite Laser the most effective laser? What is a alexandrite laser? This type of laser is a very successful hair removal laser that has been … Read more

Is Laser Hair Removal Effective?

Which Laser Hair Removal is the Most Effective? I want to have laser hair removal Frequently asked questions about laser hair removal Effective Laser Hair Removal Is Laser Effective? Question: Is laser hair removal really effective? I am thinking of having laser hair removal, but I have seen complaints on some sites. I wanted to … Read more

Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Full Body Laser Frequently Asked Questions Laser Full Budy What does full body laser hair removal include? All body areas are suitable for laser epilation. Exceptions are inside the nose, inside the ears and around the eyes. But not only around the eyes. Generally, the most preferred areas for whole body laser hair removal are … Read more

Our Laser Hair Removal Centers

Choose your nearest centre and contact us. Our Centres are listed alphabetically. Please click here. You can call mobile or WhatsApp communication. Daphne laser centres Contact Details Adana Daphne Laser Adana0539 573 71 79 Adana DaphneWhatsApp     Ankara Daphne Laser Ankara0533 083 96 03 Ankara DaphneWhatsApp     Atakent Daphne Lazer Atakent0533 380 33 … Read more

Laser Hair Removal

14 important things to know before laser hair removal The laser acts on the hair stem cells. Slight pain is inevitable due to the laser energy that turns into heat. But the pain is very temporary. In addition, the cooling system in our lasers ensures that you feel the pain to a minimum. Hair disappears … Read more

Diode Laser Hair Removal

First of all, diode laser is one of the most effective hair removal methods. For this reason, we prefer diode laser devices in all of our centres. Diode lasers, as some call them, are ice lasers or lasers with ice heads. During diode laser epilation, the head touches the skin. But the tip of this … Read more