Armpit Laser Hair Removal

Armpit Laser Hair Removal
Armpit Laser Hair Removal

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions does it take to remove armpit hair?

Usually 6 sessions are sufficient. Armpit session intervals are 2 months on average.

Is armpit laser hair removal harmful?

The laser only affects the hair follicles. Therefore, it does not even go under the skin. There is no harm to the lymph nodes.

How often is armpit laser performed?

It is usually done every 2 months. This interval may be a little longer towards the last sessions. But the first sessions can be done with slightly shorter intervals.

Does armpit laser hurt?

There is a temporary pain in the hair follicles. But it passes immediately after the laser shots. Ice and cold application will be sufficient.

How much does an armpit laser cost?

Call our centres for this. We can offer you different options. Armpit laser hair removal is cheap because it is a small area.

Does laser lighten armpit colour?

If your armpits are dark, there will be a slight lightening. But if you really want to whiten, you should have a carbon dioxide fractional laser. We have this laser in all our centers.

Does the laser put the hair follicles sleep?

No, no, no, no, no. The laser affects the hair follicles completely permanently. In other words, there is no reawakening of the hairs. Laser makes lifelong and permanent hair removal.

Which laser is more effective under the armpit?

The most effective lasers in this area are alexandrite and diode laser. But they should be used in effective doses. You will get very fast results from the laser made with appropriate doses in professional centers. Sometimes we use these two lasers together. These two lasers are also available in our centers.

What is Armpit Laser Hair Removal?

Armpit Laser Hair Removal is the most common laser application. We apply alexandrite laser or diode laser for armpit. In fact, we get very fast results because it is the area where the laser is most effective. You can usually get rid of all hair completely in an average of 6 sessions.

In fact, many women do not want armpit hair. Besides, these hairs are actually hairs that are naturally found in women and men. After all, these hairs appear with hormonal changes in adolescence. In other words, they are sensitive to hormones. They are usually thick, hard and black. Therefore, armpit hair is suitable for laser.

Session intervals are usually two months. We recommend shortening the armpit area with a razor blade between sessions. In particular, you should not use methods such as waxing and epilator. Also shorten the hair four days before the session.

Underarm Laser Hair Removal Prices 2022

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Are Armpit Laser Users Satisfied?
Are Armpit Laser Users Satisfied?

We would also like to help you further and give you more information. We especially recommend that you call us and make an appointment. After all, we want you to know that there is no charge for preliminary interviews. This way you can get more information from our specialist doctor.

Armpit Laser Hair Removal Video

Armpit Laser Hair Removal Video

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How is Armpit Laser Hair Removal Performed?

  1. Doctor Pre-Interview

    You have a preliminary interview with our specialist doctor. He determines the appropriate dose and laser for you.

  2. Transition to Laser Room, Shaving

    Preparations are made in the laser room. Armpit hair is shortened. It is wiped with a wet wipe.

  3. Laser Preparation

    The dose of the laser is adjusted. Protective goggles are worn.

  4. Scanning the Area with Laser

    The armpit area with hair is scanned with a laser.

  5. After laser

    When the combing is finished, moisturizing cream is applied to the area. Cold compress is applied. The procedure is terminated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Armpit Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Actually, the answer to that is no. In fact, it would not be correct to describe it as pain. We can say that there is a slight electrification, a small amount of pain in the hair follicles. This is normal because the roots are affected. In short, it happens during the laser shot and passes. Finally, this pain and burning sensation passes after the session.

How is Underarm Laser Hair Removal Performed?

The application of the laser to the armpit is very simple. First, if the armpit hair is long, we shave it. In fact, it would be better if you shorten it with a razor three or four days before the first session. After shortening, cleaning is done with a wet wipe. Deodarant, perfume residues and hairs, if any, are removed from the environment. Then the area is scanned with a laser. The process takes at most 5 minutes.

Is Armpit Laser Harmful?

First of all, there is no known harm of armpit laser. After all, the laser does not pass under the skin as it is known. Therefore, there is no harm to the lymph nodes, vessels and nerves in this area.

How are the Reviews of Those Who Have Underarm Laser Hair Removal?

Those who use methods such as waxing or epilator have to endure this pain every month. But laser hair removal provides a radical solution at the end of 6 sessions. Thus, permanent epilation occurs and there is no need for such methods again. For this reason, the comments of those who have it done are very positive.

Is armpit Laser Hair Removal Effective?
Is armpit Laser Hair Removal Effective?

More Questions

Do Ingrown Armpits Go Away with Laser?

The answer to this question is yes. Hair causes ingrown hairs. As a result, laser hair removal destroys the hair permanently. Thus, you get rid of the ingrown problem.

What to do to whiten underarms?

The most commonly used lasers for this purpose are fractional carbon dioxide lasers. It provides permanent lightening of the colour in armpit darkening. This may require 6 sessions.

Is diode laser under the armpit effective?

Yes, it is effective. Diode laser works even if the hair is thin. But it does not work on white and yellow hairs. It is applied in professional centers. It is an advantage that it can also be used on dark skin. If it is done in appropriate doses, it will definitely be successful.

Is alexandrite laser under the armpit effective?

Yes, it is definitely effective. If used in appropriate doses, you will get results in 6 sessions. It is not effective on very fine hairs or yellow and white hairs. It is effective and successful in the right choice and appropriate doses. For this reason, prefer professional centers where doctors like us work.

Does Armpit Laser Hair Removal Make Sweat Smell?

Some people may have increased sweat secretion after laser hair removal. In other words, it is not seen in everyone. This sweat smell usually disappears spontaneously over time. So there is no need to worry.

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