Comments of Alexandrite Laser

comments of alexandrite laser
comments of alexandrite laser

Comments of Alexandrite Laser – Daphne Laser Centers FQA.

How are Alexandrite Laser Comments?

Is Alexandrite laser hair removal good?

We use different laser types in our centres. The main ones are alexandrite and diode laser. Some people call diode laser an ice laser. In fact, the brand of the alexandrite laser is also important. The alexandrite laser we use is American. It is one of the best known alexandrite lasers in the world. But it is not enough to have a good laser. How you use it is also important.

Is Alexandrite laser a definitive solution?

Yes, actually alexandrite laser is the definitive solution. Alexandrite laser acts on hair follicles. This effect is permanent. So it makes permanent epilation for life.

Is the Alexandrite laser permanent?

Yes, alexandrite laser makes permanent hair removal. So the results are permanent.

Does Alexandrite laser cause stains?

Yes, especially if unconscious and uneducated people use this laser, it causes stains. Fortunately, these spots are mostly temporary. This laser should never be applied especially when tanned. It should be used very carefully in brunettes. But it is best to apply diode laser to such people as in our centers.

Does Alexandrite laser cause darkening?

If applied correctly, of course, there is no such side effect. But incorrect applications cause dark spots. But mostly even this side effect is temporary.

How many minutes does the Alexandrite laser last?

In fact, the alexandrite laser is a very fast laser. For example, an armpit can be scanned in 1-2 minutes. Even a leg takes 20-30 minutes. In this way, it is one of the fastest applications.

How many days after the Alexandrite laser does the hair fall out?

The alexandrite laser destroys the hair as soon as it is applied. However, a few affected hairs fall out spontaneously within 5-10 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Alexandrite laser increase hair growth?

Yes, it can increase. Especially in dark-skinned people, hair may increase if applied in low doses, so get laser in the right place. Even if it is a little expensive, go to centers like us where doctors work. You will not encounter such bad surprises.

How many months for Alexandrite laser?

Actually, we only apply alexandrite to the body. Therefore, every 2 months is the average time.

Is it possible to razor after Alexandrite laser?

Yes, it can be done. There’s nothing wrong with a razor. It doesn’t increase hair. Wrong applications are what cause an increase in hair. Do not use wax, tweezers, epilator between sessions.

How many hours after the Alexandrite laser can I shower?

You can take a warm shower even immediately after the session. But do not use irritating things such as scrubs or washcloths. If you want, you can wash the area by hand with shampoo. Rinse thoroughly. Do not use extremely hot water. Moisturize the area well after bathing. Do not ignore the articles written unconsciously, do not touch water for 24-48 hours. Laser does not cause any significant sensitivity on the skin.

Does Alexandrite laser cause ingrown hairs?

No, it doesn’t. On the contrary, it destroys ingrowns. Because ingrown hairs are caused by the hairs growing inwards. So when the hair disappears, the ingrown hair disappears.

Does the Alexandrite laser finish completely?

These lasers are very effective hair removal lasers. There are brands approved by the FDA for laser hair removal. The laser we use is FDA approved. But this is not enough. It should be used by professionals. This is possible in clinics. If done in the right doses and in the right way, the alexandrite laser finishes the hair.

More Questions

Which laser is the best?

The brand and technology are as important as the type of laser. We can say that especially FDA-approved lasers are the best. But just having a good laser is not enough. It should be used in the right doses and under the control of a doctor in professional clinics.

How are the comments of those who have Alexandrite laser?

Those who have alexandrite laser in our centers are very satisfied. But we work with doctors and use the best technology. In addition, as an alternative in case of any dissatisfaction, diode laser, that is, ice laser, is available in our centers.

Is the Alexandrite laser good?

Alexandrite laser is one of the most effective lasers. This laser is 755 nm. It is actually held very well by melanin. This is a good feature for laser hair removal. Therefore, alexandrite laser in professional hands is good.

Is Alexandrite laser good for hair removal?

In fact, one of the best lasers for hair removal is the alexandrite laser. This laser has received FDA approval. So it has full approval for epilation. We have been using Cynosure brand Apogee 5500 alexandrite laser in our clinics for many years. It is a very successful laser. But only professional centres should use it.

What is the most painless laser hair removal?

In fact, the pain of lasers is very close to each other. This pain is not enough to exaggerate. In addition, feeling pain in the hair root indicates that the roots are affected. So unfortunately pain is necessary. Thanks to the cooling system in our lasers, the pain is minimized. We use Alexandrite and Diode lasers in our centers.

Alexandrite Lasers

Is the alexandrite laser safe for the face?

We do not recommend the use of alexandrite laser for the face. It may cause an increase in hair growth in some people. For this reason, we recommend diode laser in the face area. Of course, if it is done in the right doses, results are obtained. For this reason, we recommend professional centers where doctors work.

Should I shave before the Alexandrite laser?

We need to see the hair in the first session. Therefore, do not shave. But in the following sessions we ask you to trim it 3-4 days before. This way we can take you directly to the session without preparation.

Alexandrite laser for hospitals

Question: I am going to have an alexandrite laser placed in my genital area. I have heard that the results are very good. But I am also curious about the comments of those who have alexandrite lasers. What are alexandrite laser reviews like?

Sevilay *** Kuzguncuk Istanbul March 2022

Daphne Laser: Yes, the comments of those who have Alexandirte laser are very good for our centers. As you know, only the type of laser is not enough. The doses used are also very important. Another important point is the brand of the laser. So naturally, the effectiveness of a laser with simple technology is low. We use western origin lasers.

Certainly the lasers produced by countries are more successful. By the way, the alexandrite laser we use is FDA approved. In other words, it has received a certificate from the highest authority in America for hair removal. As a result, even if you have a very good device, if you do not use it correctly, you will not get the desired result. For this reason, prefer centers managed only by doctors like us. Make sure that the Alexandrite laser is under the control of a doctor. This is already legal and correct.

Is alexandrite laser hair removal good?

Question: Some say diode laser is very good. Some say ice laser is the most effective. Which laser is really good? Is Alexandrite laser hair removal good?

Şule *** Fatih Istanbul March 2022

Daphne Laser: Diode laser and Alexandrite laser are the most effective lasers we use for hair removal. Actually, there is no such thing as ice laser. In fact, what is called ice laser is nothing but diode laser. But it is not enough for the laser to be diode laser or alexandrite laser. It should also be a good brand. It should also have an advanced technology. Above all, one of the most important points is the correct use of the device. That is, if the laser is used in the right way and in the right doses, it will be effective. As for your question. So, yes alexandrite laser is a good laser. But which brand? In which dose? Where is it? Under whose control? These are important questions. The answer is simple, have an alexandrite laser in a health institution you trust under the control of a doctor.

Alexandrite laser
Alexandrite laser

Diode Laser or Alexandrite?

Question: Which laser is the best? I can’t decide. There is a lot of different information on the internet. Diode laser or Alexandrite?

Kadriye *** Kadıköy İstanbul Mart 2022

Daphne Laser: In fact, the two best known lasers for hair removal are the diode laser and the alexandrite laser. However, if lasers are used correctly, you will get good results. In addition, the brand of the laser is as important as the type of laser. At the same time, the center where you have the laser is very important. Another requirement is that there is a doctor in the center. However, on the other hand, places that are not already doctors are legally prohibited from laser hair removal. We have both alexandrite and diode laser in our centers. We have another laser called diolaze, which shoots both of these lasers together, which we call a twin laser. Our doctors recommend whichever laser is suitable for you. Thus, we offer the best solution for you.

Does Alexandrite Laser Burn?

Question: Some people say that it burns after alexandrite laser. Is this true? Does alexandrite laser burn the skin? Why does this happen? Does alexandrite laser burn?

Melek *** Acibadem Istanbul March 2022

Daphne Laser: In fact, all lasers burn the skin when used unknowingly. That’s because lasers are actually burning light energy. But it only becomes heat when it is absorbed by melanin. There is a little melanin in our skin too. At high doses, the melanin in the skin heats up and burns occur. Therefore, the dose applied is very important. Therefore, you should properly choose the center where you get epilation. This center must be under the supervision of a doctor.

Another condition that causes laser burns on the skin is tan. Lasers are not used on tanned skin. This rule is very clear. First and foremost, if an alexandrite laser is used on tanned skin, there will definitely be a burn. In short, get laser treatment at legally operating centers that know their craft. Protect your skin and don’t become a victim. Beauty salons and hairdressers are not licensed to laser. We would like to make special note of this.

Alexandrite Laser for armpit
Alexandrite Laser for armpit

How Many Sessions Does Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal Take?

Question: I have decided to have alexandrite whole leg. I will buy a 6 session package from your centers. Will this number of sessions be enough? How many sessions does alexandrite laser hair removal last?

Saliha *** Suadiye İstanbul Mart 2022

Daphne Laser: Yes, alexandrite laser is one of the most effective lasers in the leg area. You are especially advantageous if your hair is dark and your skin is light. Six sessions will definitely be enough. But rarely, a few additional recovery sessions may be required. This is not a general rule. Therefore, we recommend you to buy a leg package. At the end of six sessions, you will get around 90% results. Make a preliminary appointment with our doctors. We can say clearer things if we see you. Our centers have diode lasers that can be applied to dark-skinned people. So we can provide you with a solution in every situation. You can be sure that you will receive the best quality service under doctor control. Thank you in advance for your trust in us.

How Many Sessions Should Alexandrite Laser Be?

Question: I have read the comments of those who have had their underarm hair removed with the Alexandrite laser. Most of them are very satisfied. Those who are not satisfied are very few. But some say that they go to many sessions. How many sessions should be alexandrite laser?

Birce *** Atasehir Istanbul March 2022

Daphne Laser: In fact, 6 sessions are sufficient if an adequate and effective dose is used. But unfortunately, this number increases in some unauthorized or inexperienced centers. We think that the negative comments you read are those who go to such centers. Because the armpit is the area with the best and fastest results. We get very good results with diode laser even in fine hairs. Therefore, you should find the right center. Economic 6 session packages are available in our centers. Our staff will tell you all this in the preliminary interview.

Alexandrite laser hair removal
Alexandrite laser hair removal

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