Genital Laser Hair Removal

Genital Laser Hair Removal
Genital Laser Hair Removal

What you want to know about Genital Laser Hair Removal application. Is laser applied to the private area or genital, vaginal areas? Is there a difference in men and women?

Sexual Area Laser Hair Removal Questions

Is it possible to laser the genitals?

Yes, it can be done. There will be no problem. Even if there are ingrown hairs and ingrown hairs in this area, they will be treated. We prefer alexandrite or diode lasers in this area in our centers.

Does laser hair removal on the genital area cause pain?

In fact, we cannot say that laser hair removal is completely painless, but there is not as much discomfort as you fear. There may be pain in the hair follicles during laser shots. But it passes immediately. This is reduced by air cooling or ice application. Local anesthetic cream is also good if desired.

Does the Special Zone laser ends?

The private area, sexual area or genital area responds very well to laser. Almost all of the hair is gone. Usually 6 sessions are enough for this.

Does laser on the genital area work?

Yes, it definitely works. It is only possible to get rid of genital area hair permanently with laser.

Does laser hair removal damage the vagina?

No, it won’t. Anyway, laser hair removal is not done on the vagina. There is no hair in the vagina. Only the outer lips and the hair on the upper part of the genital area are lasered. Laser is also applied to the hair around the anus.

How is laser hair removal performed on the private area?

Before laser hair removal, we shorten the hair with the machine. You can shorten it with a razor 4-5 days before the next sessions. Then we scan the hair area with laser shots. We use alexandrite or diode laser for this. But sometimes we can combine both together.

Special Area Laser Hair Removal

Where is genital laser applied?

There is no harm in laser epilation in the genital area, which is referred to as the private area. The vagina is the inner and hairless part of the genital area. Therefore, laser is not applied to the vagina. There is also no hair on the labia minora and clitoris. Therefore, laser is not applied to these areas either. However, laser is applied to the hair on the upper part we call pubis and the hair on the labia majora.

Which lasers are the most effective in the genital area?

There are actually two most effective lasers. Alexandrite and diode lasers are the two most effective lasers in genital laser hair removal. But it should be applied in professional centers.

Is laser applied to the anus area?

Laser is applied to the hair around the anus. There is no drawback. The hair here responds well to laser epilation.

Does laser darken the vagina?

No, it actually causes lightening if applied correctly. Sometimes high doses of laser application may cause brown crusting. It usually passes in a short time. But you should consult the doctors at the clinic where you have the application. There is no need to worry.

How to remove female anal hair?

Today, the most accurate method is laser hair removal. Because it is really difficult to remove the hair in this area. We prefer alexandrite and diode lasers that provide a permanent solution.

Is laser harmful to the vagina?

No, because the laser does not carry ionizing radiation beams. It is a special light technology that only affects the hair follicle. Therefore, you can rest assured. The laser has no positive or negative effect on the vagina.

What is Genital Area Laser Hair Removal?

Hair growth in the genital area begins with puberty. This area is completely sensitive to hormones. For this reason, the hair in this area is hormone sensitive and is thick and set. In many cultures, various hair removal methods have been applied to the hair in the genital area since ancient times. One of the most common methods is waxing. Another method is shortening with a razor blade. In addition, epilators, which emerged after technological developments, are one of the applications made in recent years. Genital laser epilation has replaced all these methods in recent years.

But all of these methods provide temporary hair removal. We know that many women usually want to get rid of these hairs permanently. Therefore, laser hair removal is an important alternative. But it is useful to know that the hair will permanently disappear and will not grow again. In addition, the hair structure is suitable for laser epilation in the genital area. Thus, in recent years, laser has become the most applied method in the genital area.

Genital Area Laser Hair Removal Prices 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is the Special Zone Laser?

Laser hair removal in the genital area or private area can be done at any age after the end of puberty. So there is no harm in doing it after the age of 15.

What are the preparations to be made before genital epilation?

Actually, no preparation is necessary. However, in the following sessions, it is better to shorten the hair at home and come back. You should also not use wax, epilator or depilatories for at least one month before the session.

How many sessions are included in the genital laser?

Usually 6 sessions are sufficient to achieve a very good result.

What does the genital area laser cover?

In general, if it includes the bikini area, we call the whole genital laser. The butt area is priced separately.

Is it possible to laser the genital area?

Yes, we do. It has no effect on the ovaries. Because the laser does not pass under the skin. Also, laser is not an ionizing light. Therefore, it has no cancer-causing effect.

Is laser hair removal harmful for the genital area?

No, there is no harm. Because the laser does not emit radiation. It does not even pass under the skin. Therefore, there is no harm.

Which laser hair removal method is better?

The most popular and effective lasers for the genital area are diode and alexandrite lasers.

After Genital Laser Hair Removal
After Genital Laser Hair Removal

More Questions

Does laser hair removal prevent cancer treatment?

No, it’s not an obstacle.

At what age should laser hair removal be performed?

Generally, our recommendation is that there is no harm in starting after the symptoms of puberty are over, that is, around the age of 14-16.

Does laser hair removal damage the ovaries?

No, it doesn’t. Ovaries are organs located inside the abdomen. The laser does not even pass under the skin. Therefore, you can be comfortable in this regard, the laser does not harm the ovaries.

Can men have their genitals lasered?

Yes, there is no harm in laser treatment of male genitalia. If there are ingrowns, it is also good for them.

Is genital laser hair removal harmful?

No, it won’t hurt. The ovaries and vagina are internal organs. It is not possible for the laser to reach them during hair removal. In men, the laser cannot even reach the testicles under the skin. In other words, laser can be applied to the testicles and penis. There is no harm.

Does laser hair removal affect orgasm?

No, it doesn’t. Laser hair removal has no effect on sexual pleasure. In other words, it has no positive or negative effect.

Is ice laser applied to the penis?

Ice laser is also applied to the penis and aclexandrite laser is also applied. Both lasers are effective.

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