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Diode Laser

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Which is the best ice laser?

In our opinion and according to many cosmetic dermatologists around the world, the best ice laser is the Light sheer diode laser. This laser has been the reference for years. Many newly produced lasers follow the technology of this laser. We have this laser in all our centers.

What is the original ice laser?

A company called the diode laser an ice laser. Since then, diode lasers are also called ice lasers. But the original most effective ice laser is the Light Sheer diode laser.

Which type of laser is the ice laser?

The laser sold as ice laser is diode laser. Diode laser is an 810 nm laser. It was approved by the FDA years ago. The Light Sheer diode laser we have been using for a long time is also FDA approved.

Does the ice laser finish it completely?

This laser, the diode laser, is a very effective laser. It is extremely successful in professional hands. It should be applied in the right doses. In other words, sufficient dose should be used to affect the hair root. But in the meantime, the skin should not be damaged. This requires professional knowledge and experience. If done correctly, it finishes.

Does ice laser remove hair completely?

Diode laser, in other words ice laser, affects the hair follicles. If the hair follicle can be fully affected, the hair disappears completely. It will not grow again. Appropriate and necessary dose should be used. Otherwise, no matter how good the device is, you will not get results.

How many sessions does ice laser hair removal take?

If the dosage is effective, 6 sessions at intervals of 1.5 months are sufficient.

Are the Reviews of Those Who Have Ice Laser Good?

Question: How are the comments of those who have ice laser? I’m curious, because there are those who say I’m satisfied and those who say I’m not. How do you think the comments of those who have ice laser epilation?

Belma*** Bakirkoy Istanbul May 2022

Daphne Laser: First of all, the laser marketed as ice laser is diode laser. But IPL devices are also marketed under the name of ice laser. Because these devices are very similar to each other. Therefore, you should definitely make this distinction. Actually, it is very difficult to understand this. It is almost impossible for you to notice this. For this reason, you should have full confidence in the center you go to. Professional centers usually prefer laser. They do not use IPL. As a result, to summarize briefly, ice laser, i.e. diode laser, is an effective laser. The most important thing is that it is done in a professional center. In other words, if it is used correctly, it is satisfying.

Is ice laser permanent for life?

Question: I can’t decide which laser to get. Alexandrite laser is permanent. I heard that, but I am not sure about the ice laser. Is the ice laser permanent for life?

Arzu*** May Atakoy Istanbul

Daphne Laser: As a result, the ice laser is a diode laser. It is called by this name because a company markets it in this way. But naming it as diode laser would be more accurate. Diode laser, also known as ice laser, acts on hair follicles. Therefore, the results are permanent. In other words, the affected hairs will not grow again. Likewise, alexandrite laser also performs permanent hair removal. By the way, we have both of these lasers in all our centres. But on the other hand, our doctors choose the laser that suits you. So to sum up, diode laser or ice laser provides permanent hair removal. This effect lasts a lifetime.

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Diode laser for  Face
Diode laser for Face

Is Ice Laser a Definite Result?

Question: I am looking for a laser method that I will get a definite result. But laser hair removal reviews are very different. In fact, there are also very satisfied. But I can’t decide. Is the ice laser a definite result?

Buket*** Ataşehir Istanbul May 2022

Daphne Laser: So laser hair removal is a permanent method. But when it is in professional hands, there will be a definite result. For example, the type of laser used is very important. The IPL method, which was introduced as a laser, is too weak for epilation. In fact, it cannot be said that no results can be obtained. But if it is not used properly, it can even be dangerous.

The ice laser is also known as the diode laser. That is why the diode laser is also called as such. In fact, the diode laser provides definite results. But again, remember that even the brand of the device is important. On the other hand, an appropriate dose should be used. In other words, the dose that acts on the hair follicle will give a definite result. Otherwise, the hair will become thinner and remain standing. So, to sum up, ice laser gives a safe result. But it should be done in a professional center.

Why is Ice Laser Not Recommended?

Question: I am actually very confused. I decided to have ice laser, but some sites do not recommend it. Why is ice laser not recommended?

Bengü*** Yeşilköy Istanbul May 2022

Daphne Laser: Actually, such articles are a bit of black propaganda. All lasers are effective if used correctly. But of course we mean laser brands approved by the authorities. So a laser device without approval may not even be a laser. So it may produce IPL light. Therefore, of course, no results can be obtained with such a device. As a result, the laser device must be of good quality. Actually, you cannot know as a consumer. But professional and customer satisfaction-oriented organizations know this. As we always say, please do not go to a center that does not inspire confidence just because it is a little cheap. As a result, the type, brand and doses of the laser, everything is important.

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