Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Alexandrite laser hair removal
Alexandrite laser hair removal

What is Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal?

Why Alexandrite laser hair removal? You can find all the information you need on this page.

What is Alexandrite laser hair removal?

Technically it is a 755nm wavelength laser. We use it specifically for hair removal. It is a very effective laser. We use FDA approved Apogee 5500 cynosure alexandrite laser epilation device. For the price list of the Alexandrite laser, you can reach our most suitable centre from the contact section. You can reach all our centres via whatsapp or direct call.

Can I get a price list for Alexandrite laser hair removal?

Alexandrite laser hair removal prices are available on our website. Contact us for all Alexandrite laser prices and detailed promotion information. Sample packages and Alexandrite prices are as follows. However, you can get detailed information by calling our centres. We also recommend that you make an appointment for a consultation.

Which branches of Alexandrite laser hair removal in Istanbul?

Alexandrite laser is available in all our centres in Istanbul. Call us from the contact section. Our friends will give you detailed information. Specialist doctors and professional teams work in our Alexandrite Hair Removal Centres.

How can I contact your Alexandrite laser centres and addresses in Istanbul?

You can reach our contact page for our Istanbul Alexandrite laser centres. If you leave a call, we can also call you. Or you can send us a message from Wharsapp. You can also make a voice call.

How much is full body alexandrite laser hair removal?

Alexandrite laser full body prices differ according to the centres in Istanbul. However, alexandrite laser full body depilation price is the same in all our centres. In our centre, 2022 price is 1919 TL for the whole body. This price does not include the face. Diode laser is used for face.

Alex I want to have laser hair removal

Is Alexandrite laser hair removal or ice laser better?

There are places where both lasers work well. Our doctors will choose the best laser for you based on your skin and hair structure. In addition to the type of laser, the dosage used is also very important. Laser hair removal is professional work. The technology of the laser is also important.

Is Alexandrite laser a definitive solution?

The definitive solution is to get rid of hair with permanent hair removal. Yes, the Alexandrite laser is the definitive solution. We would like to remind you that the Alexandrite laser is FDA approved. There are many scientific publications on the subject.

Which hairs is Alexandrite laser used for?

Like all lasers, it works on dark and thick hair. No laser works on white or yellow hair. If your skin colour is white, we can use high doses. In this case we can say that you will get results much faster.

Does Alexandrite laser cause darkening?

Sometimes a brown crust will form. This is temporary. It disappears within a week with simple moisturising. It is not very correct to use the Alexandrite laser on dark skin. If the skin is dark, a diode laser is a better option.

Does Alexandrite laser increase hair growth?

This is a rare situation. However, it is possible. Alexandrite is a condition that should be avoided especially in women with thin hair, dark skin and young women. This is why we do not use the Alexandrite laser on the face. There may be an increase in fine hair on the face. Men’s backs and arms are at risk. Diode laser is a better option for all these areas. Diode laser is also more effective on dark skin and fine hair. It does not cause an increase.

Is Alexandrite Laser the most effective laser?

Is Alexandrite good for laser hair removal?

Yes, Alexandrite lasers are FDA approved for hair removal. It has a strong effect on the hair follicle. Because of this wavelength, the 755nm laser is very suitable for epilation. We have been using this type of laser in our centres for about 17 years. We can easily say that this laser is good for hair removal. But only if it is done in professional centres.

Which laser is the most powerful for hair removal?

Our years of experience are in line with scientific publications. In our opinion, the most powerful lasers for hair removal are alexandrite and diode lasers. However, the technology is very different depending on the country where it is produced. For this reason, we recommend that you contact a reputable organisation with laser experience, such as ourselves. An unknown and ineffective laser in salons will cause a loss of time and money.

Which is better, diode or Alexandrite laser?

In fact, both of these lasers are very effective for hair removal. But the brand and technology of the equipment is also very important. It is also very important to know how to use the device properly. If it is used in the most effective dose, you will get results. But overdosing can also burn your skin. This is why we recommend that you have your laser treatment in a clinic where doctors like us work. You will be treated with the most accurate equipment and doses. If you have a problem, you will find a doctor to talk to. Paying a little more money for a guaranteed result may be the right way for you. We offer both diode and alexandrite laser hair removal in our centres.

What is a alexandrite laser?

This type of laser is a very successful hair removal laser that has been used for many years. It gives very quick results, especially for people with light skin and dark hair. This is why we often use it in areas such as the armpits and genitals. However, we do not recommend it for areas with fine hair, such as the face. This is why we use diode lasers instead of Alexandrite lasers for facial epilation in our centres.

Alexandrite laser hair removal is of course both safe and effective when used in professional centres and by experts. This is why we recommend that you make a preliminary appointment with one of our centres. Usually 6 sessions are enough. The Alexandrite laser price list is as follows.

Nedir Alexandrit-Lazer?

We actually use the Alexandrite laser mainly for hair removal. The wavelength of this laser is 755nm. The most important feature of this laser is that it is very well retained by melanin. This feature makes it one of the best lasers for hair removal.

Is the Alexandrite laser an IPL?

No, it’s nothing like that. IPL devices are not lasers. They are concentrated sources of light. They need to be used in high doses to remove hair. However, the Alexandrite laser is a laser. It is also very effective for hair removal. But professional organisations can use it.

Is Alexandrite laser good for hair removal?

How effective is the Alexandrite laser?

It is a very powerful laser. Many scientific articles have been written about it. However, it is not enough for the laser to be powerful and effective. It must also be used in the most appropriate dose for you. For this, the user must be a professional. Laser hair removal is carried out in professional clinics.

Is Alexandrite laser hair removal good?

Yes, the Alexandrite laser is a good laser for hair removal. But it gives results when used correctly. Professional centres can use it.

Is Alexandrite an IPL laser?

No IPL device is not a laser. Unfortunately, many IPL devices are advertised as lasers. It is impossible for customers to tell the difference. This is why some opportunists who know this are able to tell such unethical lies. IPL devices are cheaper than lasers. This is why many beauty salons use IPL. IPL devices cannot give the same results as lasers. They are also harder to use. If used incorrectly, they can cause serious burns to the skin. For all these reasons, we only use Alexandrite laser hair removal and diode laser hair removal methods in our hair removal centres.

Where is Alexandrite laser available?

In fact, alexandrite lasers are available in all of our centres. We also use FDA-approved alexandrite laser equipment. In addition, our doctors decide which doses are right for you. You can contact us for more information. Our telephone numbers can be found on our contact page.

What is the strongest laser for hair removal?

How effective is the alexandrite laser?

It is a very effective laser for hair removal. This is because it is very well absorbed by melanin. It can generate a lot of heat in the hair follicle. This feature makes it a very effective hair removal laser. However, it should be remembered that this is only true if it is used in professional centres and in effective doses. Alexandrite laser hair removal is available in all our centres.

Is there Alexandrite laser hair removal in Ankara Daphne laser?

Yes, we do. All of our centres use the same alexandrite laser. This laser is the Apogee 5500 Alexandrite Laser and is FDA approved. Contact our Alexandrite Hair Removal Centre.

Where is Alexandrite laser hair removal available?

Alexandrite laser is available at our centres. You will need to call and make an appointment for application and other details. You can find your nearest centre on our contact page.

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal Prices 2022

15 15 minutes.

How is Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal Performed?

  1. Preliminary interview and examination

    Our specialist doctor examines your skin and hair structure in the preliminary interview. He gives you detailed information.

  2. Shaving the hair and cleaning the area

    We remove the hair in the area using a professional shaver.

  3. Laser Scanning of the Area

    With the Alexandrite laser device, we scan the area so that there are no gaps.

  4. Finishing the laser session

    After the scan, we apply only a small amount of moisturising cream to the area. We make your appointment for the next session and send you on your way.

Alexandrite Laser
Alexandrite Laser

Who is Alexandrite Laser Recommended for?

In fact, this type of laser is most successful in people with light skin color but dark hair.But this laser is quite fast. Therefore, it finishes especially large areas in a short time. In addition, this laser is not effective in fine hair. Maybe it is more effective in high doses.

When Does Hair Fall Out After Alexandrite Laser?

Actually, the alexandrite laser sheds the hair immediately. So it vaporizes. But the remaining hairs, even a little, fall out within 15 days. However, it is not right to pluck the hairs that do not fall out. If you are very uncomfortable, shorten it with a razor, but do not pluck it. In fact, they will fall out spontaneously in a short time.

Lasers are reliable devices. We have been using this laser for a long time. We are professional centres. But these lasers are suitable for the use of professionals. Professional centres are therefore only suitable for specialists. Otherwise, it causes burns and stains. It is very effective when used in appropriate doses. But excessive doses cause problems. In addition, the user’s accidental application is another misuse.

Alexandrite Laser Users

We have alexandrite laser in all our centres. Generally, the level of satisfaction is high. But we do not recommend this laser for the face area. It is also not suitable for dark skinned people. Hair disappears from the surface after Alexandrite application. For this reason, many women prefer this application. But hair and skin structure should be suitable. Our doctors decide this.

Ice laser or Alexandrite laser?

As you know, ice laser is diode laser. Alexandrite or ice laser, i.e. diode laser, is suitable for you? For the answer to this question, our specialists need to see you. These two lasers have superior and weak areas. But this laser is diode laser.

How to get the best results with laser hair removal?

Some conditions are required for best results. These are applying the right dose, choosing the right laser and a professional centre.But the right laser type is also effective in success. But one of the most important points is choosing the right center. As you know, hairdressers cannot do lasers. The same applies to beauty salons. Only clinics are authorised to laser. If you want to get good results, go to these centres.

How many sessions does Alexandrite laser hair removal take?

This laser application usually gives very good results in 6 sessions.

Questions About Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Does Alexandrite laser leave scars?

Normally, this is not a problem with appropriate doses. However, crusting may sometimes occur on darker skin colours. Brown crusting is temporary. It passes within a week or two. But if there is a burn, scars may remain. Early treatment solves many problems.

How many days does Alexandrite laser hair fall out?

In fact, the hairs fall out immediately after the alexandrite laser. However, a small amount of remaining hair usually falls out within a week.

How many minutes does the Alexandrite laser last?

Mostly alexandrite lasers are the fastest lasers. Therefore, the session duration is short. For example, armpit takes 3-5 minutes. The lower leg takes 20-25 minutes, the whole leg 30-40 minutes.

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