Diode Laser Hair Removal

Diode laser Hair Removal
Diode laser Hair Removal

First of all, diode laser is one of the most effective hair removal methods. For this reason, we prefer diode laser devices in all of our centres. Diode lasers, as some call them, are ice lasers or lasers with ice heads. During diode laser epilation, the head touches the skin. But the tip of this head is as cold as -5 degrees. Some people call this laser ice laser for this reason.

Because diode laser reaches deep into the hair follicles on the skin. This laser is also suitable for dark-skinned people. Therefore, it shows strong effectiveness even on fine hairs.

First of all, diode lasers are indispensable lasers for the face area due to these features. Especially short pulse diode types provide perfect epilation by affecting even fine hairs. In other words, diode laser is the most effective laser in chin, moustache, cheek and neck. We do not recommend the Alexanrite laser in the face area. We would also like to remind you of this.

Another area of use is male hair removal. We prefer diode laser especially in the back, arm, shoulder and beard area in men. Because the most effective laser in these areas is diode laser.

Ice Laser Hair Removal Price List 2022

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Male Ice Laser Hair Removal Price List 2022

We calculate diode laser prices on a session or package basis. So we offer the opportunity for discounts for those who want to buy. The diode laser preliminary consultation is also free of charge. We offer affordable prices with six-session packages. We also have credit card payment and instalment options

Diode laser Hair Removal Face
Diode laser Hair Removal Face

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a diode laser?

Diode lasers are lasers that use laser energy at a wavelength of 810 nm. We use this wavelength because it is very effective in hair removal. We have light sheer diode laser in all our centers.

How many sessions is diode laser applied?

In our centres, 6 sessions are usually enough for body parts. Only the face area may take a little longer.

Is diode laser more effective or alexandrite laser?

In fact, there are cases where both are preferred. For example, Diode laser is by far more effective in the face area. We usually apply diode laser on men’s back, shoulders and arms.

Are those who had diode laser satisfied?

Yes, those who have diode laser in our centers are very satisfied. Because we use this device professionally. I mean, we use it as required.

What does ironing hair removal mean?

In fact, ironing epilation is a procedure performed with diode lasers. However, this name is given because it is done by applying gel to the skin surface and touching the skin as if ironing the skin. It is also used for marketing purposes. For this reason, there are those who say that it is more Turkish to say ironing epilation rather than diode laser.

Which hair type is diode ice laser more effective?

To summarize briefly, it is effective on all hair types except yellow and white hairs. It is even effective on fine hairs.

Which areas is diode ice laser applied to?

In fact, diode laser can be applied to all body parts. For example, it can be applied to the face area where alexandrite laser cannot be applied. Therefore, diode laser must be available in a clinic.

Diode Laser

What should I pay attention to before diode laser?

First of all, it is important not to be tan before the application. Because no laser method is applied on bronze skin. In addition, it is important that the hairs are not removed by methods such as waxing, tweezers, epilator before epilation.

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