Which Laser Hair Removal Method is Better?

Which Laser Hair Removal Method is Better
Which Laser Hair Removal Method is Better

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Which Laser?

Which laser hair removal is best?

It is true that it is very important to use the best laser. But it is also important who uses it and how. Diode and alexandrite lasers are the best lasers. Their brands are also important. FDA approval is very valuable. So epilation with these lasers in professional centers is the best solution.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser energy affects the hair follicles. Thus, the roots cannot produce hair again. We can explain it simply in this way. The most effective lasers are diode and alexandrite lasers.

laser hair removal prices?

You should call our centres for this. We offer many alternatives. We also have packages. You can pay with your credit card.

Best laser for bikini hair removal?

We prefer two lasers for this area. Alexandrite laser and diode laser. Both are the best lasers for the bikini area.

Best laser hair removal?

We are one of the best laser hair removal centres. Because we work with specialist doctors. We also work with two of the best FDA approved lasers in the world. These are Apogee 5500 alexandrite laser and Light sheer Diode laser.

laser hair removal review?

Many people are very happy with laser hair removal. So it gets permanent results. Our laser hair removal experience is 20 years.

laser hair removal side effects?

Side effects are extremely rare in professional centers. With appropriate doses and the right laser, the possibility of side effects is close to zero.

Which Laser Hair Removal Method is Better?

Which is the best quality laser hair removal?

We use diode and alexandrite lasers in our centres. But the most important thing here is to use the laser effectively. In other words, it is very important to use it in an effective dose. It is also very important to perform the procedure with the laser suitable for you. Specialist doctors manage these processes in our centers.

Is ice laser better or regular laser?

Actually, there is no such thing as ice laser. These are all diode lasers. The other effective laser is the alexandrite laser. Both are effective lasers. But it is necessary to use them correctly. This is only possible in professional centers. So you should choose professionals for the result.

Which laser should be preferred?

We prefer diode and alexandrite lasers. We also apply these lasers with the most effective doses. So the selection parameters are as important as the lasers.

Alexandrite or diode?

We use both lasers in our centers. Both are very effective lasers. Our doctors choose the laser that suits you. We also operate with the most effective parameters suitable for you.

Is ice laser better or Alexandrite?

Both lasers have their advantages and disadvantages. That is why we use both lasers. Sometimes we use two lasers in different areas in the same person. All these are decided by our specialist doctors.

Ice laser or needle hair removal?

All lasers are more successful than needle epilation. It is also more practical. Needle epilation requires a lot of time. It also requires manual skill. Needle epilation is the best solution only for white and light coloured hair. Because lasers are ineffective for this type of hair.

Which method of laser hair removal is better?

Question: I have been looking at forums on the internet. I am researching which method is best for lasers. But it’s hard for me to decide. Which method of laser hair removal is better?

Yağmur*** Ethem Efendi Istanbul May 2022

Daphne Laser: Actually, it’s natural to be indecisive. Everyone says that their laser is the best. But there are other things as important as the laser device. First of all, it is not enough just to have a good laser device. In other words, if the device is not used correctly, you will not get results. Because these devices are only made for professionals to use. Therefore, it has many parameters. As a result, what is the most effective dose for you? The people who will determine this are doctors.

Legally, this permission is only given to doctors. Bad results are possible even with a very good laser device. Centres where professionals work know this very well. It is good for you to have both diode and alexandrite lasers in one centre. But it must be used correctly. In addition, the procedure should be performed with the laser suitable for you.

Which is the best device for laser hair removal?

Question: Which laser hair removal method do you think is the best? With which laser can I get the best results. Which is the best laser hair removal device?

Handan*** Şaşkınbakkal Istanbul May 2022

Daphne Laser: First of all, we would like to state that the type of laser is important for the result. There are actually two devices that we can call the best. These lasers are diode and alexandrite lasers. In addition, the most effective of these laser types are American and Israeli lasers. Because this technology was first developed in these countries. Over time, the most effective devices were produced. These countries are really good at this. We use Apogee 5500 alexandrite laser and light sheer dide laser. Actually, both of these lasers are co-produced by these two countries. But only professionals can use them. For this reason, we do not recommend you to have a laser outside a clinic.

Which is the Best Laser Hair Removal Device
Which is the best device for laser hair removal?

Which Laser Hair Removal Do You Recommend?

Question: I really want to have laser hair removal. I wanted to consult a professional center like you. It is important to start right at first. Both my time and budget are limited. Which laser epilation do you recommend?

Banu*** Şişli İstanbul Mayıs 2022

Daphne Laser: Actually, you are very right. We all have time and money problems. We want to pay once. We understand all this very well. Therefore, starting laser in the right center is the most important step. Pay attention to this issue rather than which laser. Go to a professional center. They will choose the best laser for you. But we recommend diode and alexandrite lasers. But how it is used is very important. In other words, it should be used in effective doses. Otherwise you will not get results.

Is diodelaser of Alexandrit effectiever?

Question: I would like to ask you a more specific question. I am torn between two options, Diode laser or Alexandrite?

Melahat*** Kadıköy İstanbul Mayıs 2022

Daphne Laser: First of all, these two lasers are effective lasers. But alexandrite laser is not used in every area. For example, it is very effective in genitals, legs, armpits. But it is not used in the face area. It should not be used on fine hairs. It can even increase fine hairs. But it is a very fast laser. It is very effective if used correctly. It almost vaporizes the hairs. The use of Alexandrte laser in dark-skinned people is limited. Diode laser is effective even on fine hairs. But it is applied a little slower.

The hairs do not evaporate but fall out. Another advantage is that the diode laser can be applied to the face. As a result, both lasers will not give results if they are not used in the most effective doses. It is the center you go to for laser that will ensure this. So first of all, you should choose the center correctly.

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