Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal
What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a process that permanently removes unwanted hair in an area of the body. We use Alexandrite and diode lasers for this purpose. These lasers affect the hair follicle through a series of mechanisms. Thus, permanent hair removal is achieved.

Does laser hair removal completely remove hair?

Nearly all hairs are removed from the area. This requires an average of 6 sessions. Doses and laser type applied from the first session are very effective in success. For this reason, laser epilation should be performed in professional centres.

In how many sessions does laser hair removal give definite results?

You will start to get results immediately from the first session. Lasers affect the hair in the growth stage. For this reason, the area is cleaned of hair with repeated sessions. An average of six sessions is enough.

How long does laser hair removal last?

Laser hair removal, which we have been using for many years and we are sure of its results, makes permanent hair removal. This is because it acts directly on the hair root. In this way, permanent epilation occurs. No hair grows in the area again. The effect of laser epilation is lifelong.

How is whole body laser hair removal done?

Laser hair removal can be applied to the whole body at the same time. We scan each body area separately with the laser. It takes about 1.5 hours on average. First we shorten the hair in the area. We adjust the appropriate device and doses. After that, we start the laser procedure. After the procedure, we apply moisturizing creams. Afterwards, there is no harm in returning to your home and work.

14 important things to know before laser hair removal

  1. Laser hair removal is a painful procedure, but not too painful to be exaggerated

The laser acts on the hair stem cells. Slight pain is inevitable due to the laser energy that turns into heat. But the pain is very temporary. In addition, the cooling system in our lasers ensures that you feel the pain to a minimum.

  1. You have to be patient for the first results

Hair disappears immediately after the laser hair removal session. It completely falls out within a week or two. But some hair grows again. But there is some reduction in each session. Approximately 20% reduction in one session is normal. For this reason, you have to wait for all your sessions to end and patiently come to your sessions. Because the laser is only effective on hair in the growth phase.

  1. The area should be shaved before laser

It is useful to shorten the hair 4-5 days before the session. The session will be faster. There is no harm in using a razor. Contrary to popular belief, it does not thicken or increase the hairs. No epilator is used before the session. Or hair is not removed with wax.

  1. Make-up is removed before the session

Do not wear make-up, especially concealer-intensive make-up. This also applies after the session. If there is sunscreen, it is removed. Any deodorant or perfume should be removed. It is necessary to wash with water or wipe with a wet wipe.

  1. Do not tan before your session

We do not recommend sunbathing because it is harmful. However, sunbathing also causes side effects during the laser treatment. Therefore, do not tan before the session. Refrain from using tanning creams at least 1 month before.

  1. Do not use exfoliating creams or solutions before the session

You should also have given them up a month ago.

  1. The laser hair removal session is very short

For example, we can say that it will take five minutes including shaving the armpits.

  1. Do not take a hot bath after laser hair removal

Avoid applications that stress the skin, such as extremely hot water and sauna. Do not scrub the area. However, a warm or cold shower is fine. It is better not to exercise excessively for at least 24 hours. We don’t want you to sweat excessively.

  1. Avoid excessive sun exposure after the session

If you will be exposed to excessive sun in a very sunny area, apply sunscreen to the area. But do not sunbathe to get a tan.

  1. Do not use peeling creams or solutions after the session

Do not apply creams or solutions containing glycolic acid, fruit acids, retinol and retinoic acid. It can irritate your skin. It will cause spots. Likewise, mechanical peeling such as chemical peeling or scrub is not performed after laser.

  1. Laser hair removal has some additional benefits

The complete treatment of ingrown hairs is laser hair removal. The skin becomes slightly shiny and taut.

  1. Do not pluck hair that does not fall out

Usually there is no hair left on the surface after laser treatment. But even if there is any hair left, it will fall out spontaneously. Do not clean it with materials such as tweezers or wax. So do not pluck the hairs.

  1. We have lasers for all skin types

In our centres we have lasers for dark and light skin. We use both alexandrite and diode lasers in our centres.

  1. You should attend your sessions regularly

Because lasers are only effective on growing hair. For this reason, you should come to our clinic every 1.5-2 months for the body and 1-1.5 months for the face.

Which is the best laser hair removal?

Which laser gives better results?

In fact, there are two most effective lasers for hair removal. These lasers are diode and alexandrite lasers. The best laser brands that we have observed for years are American and Israeli-made ones. The origin of this method is America. Only the brand of the laser is not enough. It must be used effectively and safely. Professional centers will give you the most optimum session. Especially clinics where doctors work are the right address. Thus, you will not experience victimization.

Which is the best device for laser hair removal?

In our centres we use alexandrite and diode lasers for laser hair removal. These two lasers are the most effective and best hair removal lasers. But having a good device is not enough. It is also very important whether these devices are used correctly. Our centers provide service under doctor control. If you prefer professional centers like us, it will be the right choice for you.

Diode laser or Alexandrite?

In some areas, we only recommend diode laser application. The face is one of these areas. We also recommend diode laser on the arms and male back. But it should be done by professionals and effective doses should be used. Alexandrite laser is also a very effective laser. It is very practical to use especially in larger areas such as armpits, genitals and legs.

Alexandrite laser hair removal
Alexandrite laser hair removal

Permanent Laser Hair Removal

What is Alexandrite laser hair removal?

This is one of the most well-known lasers used for laser hair removal. It is especially effective on light-skinned people, dark and thick hair. We have Alexandrite laser in our centres.

Do burnt hairs grow back?

Laser burned hairs do not grow back. But the hair must be in the growth phase. In other words, if the hair root can be burned, it becomes permanent epilation. Approximately 20% of the hair on our body is in the growth phase. For this reason, a decrease of this amount is actually expected in laser hair removal in each session.

Does hair grow back after laser hair removal?

After all sessions are over, the hair does not grow back. Because the laser affects the hair root. So laser hair removal is permanent hair removal.

Does the laser remove hair?

Yes, it does. But it must be done with the right devices and in effective doses. We recommend professional centers for this. Professional centers where doctors like us work are the right address for you.

How many years is laser hair removal effective?

This method affects the hair follicles. When the hair follicle structure is disrupted, it does not produce hair again. Therefore, laser hair removal provides lifelong hair removal.

Questions about Laser Hair Removal

What is the ideal hair length for laser hair removal?

Actually, our doctor should see the hairs in the first session. Therefore, shaving on the way to the first session. But it is enough to shorten it 3-4 days before the next sessions.

Alexandrite or ice laser?

In fact, the laser advertised as ice laser is diode laser. We have both of these lasers in our centers. They are both very good lasers. However, there are many factors such as the brand of the laser, in which doses it is used, in which center and in which procedure it is applied. For this reason, we recommend you to have a laser in professional centers where doctors work.

Is laser hair removal permanent for life?

Laser hair removal is permanent for life as it affects the hair follicles. The hair follicle that is fully affected by the laser cannot produce hair. You can quickly achieve the result you want in professional centers.

Which is the best Ice laser hair removal device?

In fact, there is no such thing as ice laser. Ice laser refers to diode laser. The best brands for diode laser are American and Israeli-made ones. We use lasers from these two countries in our clinics. But of course, only a good laser device is not enough for the result. It must be used in the most correct way.

How to Make?

Time needed: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Full Body Laser Hair Removal

  1. Preliminary Interview and Decision

    You will have a preliminary information interview with our doctor before laser epilation. Our doctor will answer all the questions you are curious about.

  2. Session Preparation

    We shorten the hair in the laser area with a shaver. We clean the area with a wet wipe. You and the laser technician will wear glasses. Which laser device will be used and which doses will be applied is determined by the doctor.

  3. Laser Application

    The area is scanned with individual laser shots. Reactions are observed. It is checked again that it is the most appropriate dose for the hair to be affected.

  4. After Session

    After the area is completely combed, we apply moisturizing cream to this area. We will apply a little cold compress and send you on your way.

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